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TROVE 002 | Low~D


TROVE 002 | Low~D

Words by Will Bentley-Hawkins
Records Chosen by Jack Cody
Descriptions by Jack Cody

Music | DJ | Eora | Low~D | Records | TROVE
Published | 05.02.2023

“I’ve always loved spending too much time listening and looking for music, plus thinking about how it all might fit together, so I guess it was only a matter of time before I fell into DJ’ing.”


For our second edition of TROVE, we’ve invited one of the smiliest selectors Eora has to offer and a member of our Phelt Writer’s family. Low~D (Jack Cody) decided to start stringing tracks together after gazing too long at his records sitting idly at home.

Nowadays he spends his weekends across the harbour city scoring parties alongside his Clutch 4 Love crew and warming the controls for bosses including Palms Trax and Antal.

This bundle is as rare, as it is miscellaneous. Use your eyes and ears below.

1. Wojciech Bakowski | “Czekam na zeszly rok”


Sounding like the undertrack for a montage in some Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, I’ve found the ambient dreamscape created by this track to be both relaxing and unsettling at the same time. A deep record throughout the whole six minutes. Bakowski is a super interesting artist in so many ways, with musical production making up only one element of his creative arsenal. He’s a poet who supplements his work with his own visuals and music and I strongly suggest checking out all of his work.

2. Willie Graff & Tuccillo | “Tic Tac”


The newest track in the list is “Tic Tac” by Willie Graff & Tuccilio off their New Dreams EP, released on Hell Yeah Recordings. I’m so drawn to the swing they’ve developed in this and I find it very hard not to bop my head around to this wherever I am, especially when those vocal chops come through. While the other three tracks on the EP are very much in modern Balearic land, I can’t help but think this one was meant for the year 2000 at the back end of some trance record.

3. Morphadron | “Dr. Know” feat. Captain Ginger


While this song isn’t a recent find of mine, it came back into heavy rotation over the Summer and I think it’s worth a share. In my book, this is the slickest lobby tune in video game history, featuring in the Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed (2000) soundtrack. In my younger years, I spent many hours buried in that game. Morphadron (aka Rom Di Prisco) is a game soundtrack don and worked on many projects in the early 00’s. He even worked on the original SSX Tricky soundtrack. While most of us will never be able to afford a Porsche, I’d like to think that if I ever did, this CD would always be at home in the glove box.

4. Ashra | “Midnight On Mars”


An unreal krautrock production out of Berlin in the late 70s, “Midnight On Mars” by Ashra is likely my favourite find over recent months. Written and performed solely by frontman Manuel Gottsching, I love how much space he creates while maintaining a rolling pace. I work a lot from home and this often plays over the Bluetooth speaker while I’m at the desk. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



5. Unknown Artist | “When She Finds Her Way Back Home”


Finishing on a completely different tip, I’ve only recently developed a deeper love for the blues/country world, in part thanks to Baba Stiltz and their back catalogue of NTS shows, and this song sits right at the top of what I’ve stumbled across. It hurts to see something this beautiful be given the label of “Unknown Artist – Untitled” by Bandcamp, but at least YouTube had a crack and gave this song some form of an ID with the title “When She Finds The Way Back Home”. A fitting name as this does great things for me on the journey home from work. The comments on the YouTube spot are disabled so we may never know who wrote this, but if any of you ever find out please let me know!


Will Bentley-Hawkins

Loves Dance, Film Photography, Ocean Pools, The NY Knicks & Campari Sodas.

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