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“You Forget” | Oliver Henry & Keepa | Phelt Phinds 027


“You Forget” | Oliver Henry & Keepa | Phelt Phinds 027

Words by Will Bentley-Hawkins
Music & Anecdotes by Oliver Henry & Keepa
Photography by Tim Swallow
Art by 2diy4

Music | electronic | Eora | Phelt Phinds | Sydney
Published | 26.02.2023

There’s an age-old saying that goes “never get into business with friends”.

Producers Keepa (Oliver Dibley) and Oliver Henry have put that saying straight to bed. The Eora/Sydney locals are not only close friends but were also living under the same roof when they co-wrote “You Forget”.

“Our house was like a little musical incubator, and we were always talking about music & exchanging ideas… This track is a direct product of that time, and it holds a special place in our hearts.”

The end result stays with you. Moving vocals wrap themselves around lush instrumentation as the collaborators take you to the skies. There’s an intriguing dichotomy between heartache and hope in Keepa’s vocal delivery – mourning and celebrating a relationship simultaneously.

This marks the inaugural joint release from these two, having both seen success individually up until this point. Not long ago, Oliver Henry was sent vision of none other than Dixon closing an all-night set at Haiku, Paris with his track “Closer” – a record nearing a million streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

While Keepa is well known for his vocal contributions to MUTO’s 2018 track “Tessellating”, a gorgeous tune that was premiered by Elton John…yes Elton John on his BBC Radio 1 show.

Get whisked away by “You Forget” and wait for what’s next from these gifted corners.


Will Bentley-Hawkins

Loves Dance, Film Photography, Ocean Pools, The NY Knicks & Campari Sodas.

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