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Premiere: “Sechelt” | pete.mcm | Phelt Phinds 035


Premiere: “Sechelt” | pete.mcm | Phelt Phinds 035

Words by Paddy Ferguson
Music by pete.mcm
Photo & Video by pete.mcm

Music | ambient | berlin | experimental | Ireland
Published | 19.03.2024

New work for an artist can stand as a symbol of transition, embodying moments of introspection and evolution. “Sechelt” represents just this for Peter McMinn, a raw and intimate diary entry from a period of significant personal growth.

pete.mcm is the latest iteration of Peter McMinn, formally known as DJ Küsse, also known as Saberhägen (of Hi & Saberhägen). The featured track is part of his debut album titled Lossless Life Files, an array of ethereal sounds, traversing elements of lo-fi, ambient, and downtempo. As a Berlin-based artist hailing from Ireland, the release features several references to his Irish heritage, offering a fresh and distinctive perspective on Celtic culture.

Subdued breakbeats, the undercurrent of the record, sway and pulsate in a cyclical motion, glittered with an array of synthesised piano notes and sampled ubiquitous sounds. It’s the kind of music that lends itself to a quality audio set-up to fully appreciate the details of Peter’s unique craftsmanship.

“Sechelt” feels meditative, not only for the artist, ruminating on his journey to self-improvement, but also how it encourages the listener to engage. Inspiring idle time for reflection, the composition guides one through a delicate balance between hopefulness and melancholy.

“Sechelt” is out now via Berlin record label CC polygum. Immerse yourself in the track below.


Paddy Ferguson

Loves Analog Cameras, Cracking Backs, Popcorn, Gilbert Gunderson and Basketball.

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