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To be honest, I was surprised when Patrick Holland FKA Projet Pablo pivoted from making class club records to indie pop. When his maiden, self-produced album You’re The Boss arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. The LP is a clinic. A warm hug of mellow drums, twanged-out chords, and soft synths. And who knew Holland had the voice he does! Approachable, easy-going, and oh-so tender.

At 12 tracks, You’re The Boss is a generous helping but it seems the Canadian artist is in quite the giving mood.

Just last week, Holland released the new single ‘Years In The Ground’. Made up of stark electric guitar riffs and soothing percussion, the singer-songwriter spruiks an important message. He encourages us to make the most out of the time we have here, before we all end up six feet under. Although it’s a cliché, I’m totally here for it. The laidback Canuck says when writing it, he imagined a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other locked in a discussion on how best to spend one’s time and money.

Accompanying the tune comes an attractively simple video, shot on Salt Spring Island (somewhere between Vancouver and British Columbia). Interestingly, the footage was never meant to see the light of day but after finishing the record, it just seemed right to pair it with these lush surroundings.

“I made this video with my best friend Geoff (Meugens). We woke in the early hours of summer 2021 to catch the sunrise on Salt Spring Island – no storyboard – we shot from the hip as the day developed. A year later I decided to make something from the beautifully framed shots, and coincidentally they seamlessly matched up with ‘Years in the Ground’.”

Spend a morning with Pat and George in the wilderness below.


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