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Welcome to Phelt Phinds. A new series all about sharing records that make us feel nice. We’re talking songs that generate dopamine. Those that put you in a better mood than you were in prior.

With the world in one of the weirdest holding patterns in human history, this recent diddy from Stockholm’s Baba Stiltz is the great escape. ‘Chasing It’ is 13 mins of mellow electric bliss. It’s one of those tracks you almost forget you’re listening to,  and then quickly realise the gorgeous space you’re in. Beautiful in its simplicity, defined by melancholy guitar and languid drums, this feels like you’ve landed in a saloon. Not the kind where bar fights are a regularity but rather where folks relax, sip brews and tell warm tales.

Usually known for his clinical club productions, the long-haired European has recently taken his soundscapes down a western route, which we’re certainly not mad about. Lean back. Forget all the nasties. Thanks be to Baba.

‘Chasing It’ is the final track on Stiltz recent EP Journals. Sink in via the links below.


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