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‘CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST’ will be Tyler, The Creator’s sixth studio album. It drops tomorrow. Ever since billboards with this phrase and phone number (1 855 444 8888) started popping up around Los Angeles, Tyler has been on the tease.

Not long after the signage ploy, the world received ‘SIDE STREET’. A 43-second clip of him pashing someone else’s girl against a rare pink Fiat Abarth Rally vehicle (valued at well over $150,000 USD).

Just two days later, Tyler uploaded ‘LUMBERJACK’. A kooky, Dr Seuss meets Wes Anderson-like music video. Kicking back with a racing magazine, he suddenly gets a call and a portal opens up. Once inside, Tyler is treated to painted nails, meets his elderly future self and gets blown into a snowstorm. Make of the clip what you will but the production is grittily good and the raps playfully boastful like the Tyler we know and love. At one point, he recalls tossing Drake six figures and in the chorus croons about hopping out his Rolls Royce and selling Madison Square Garden out.

“I hit Drizzy and told him I had a milli’ for him…

Rolls-Royce pull up, Black boy hop out…MSG sell out”

Then for a week nothing…until yesterday when ‘WUSYANAME’ came to life. Opening with a monologue about his nomadic nature, Tyler recalls some of his memorable stops along the way from chasing dolphins on jet skis to holidays in Vienna. Right now though, it’s all about an undisclosed patisserie that leads him to his dream girl. Pulling out all stops, even offering a trip to the Cannes Film Festival, his love interest isn’t having a bar of it. Totally ignoring him, the mystery girl (played by the gorgeous Helena Howard) strolls right by to join her boyfriend who you might also recognise (Taco). ‘WUSYANAME’ is a throwback to 90’s RnB production, think Usher, Mary J Blige and Mario. Although the beat is staggered, the Californian’s flow is superb. Interestingly, although released after ‘SIDE STREET’ this one’s a prequel, as things obviously progress in the relationship game.

The latest tease ‘BROWN SUGAR SALMON’ is a slice of comedy. Colour graded in the gorgeous warm tones of its predecessors, the skit sees Mr Baudelaire (Tyler) engaged in a frustrating conversation with two waiters. Dressed in his signature Ushanka headwear the train guest painstakingly tries to figure out if there’s anything available for dinner!? No Brown Sugar Salmon. No Braised Bohemian Beef. No Yoghurt.

On this one, Wolf Haley’s (Tyler’s alter ego) directorial skills really shine through. The frames are well-considered and it truly feels like a scene plucked from a film. Tyler has expressed his interest in creating cinema and this is an impressive taste. He ain’t a bad actor either…

Before ‘CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST’ arrives tomorrow, catch up on all these brilliantly executed antics. We can’t wait to hear it in full.


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