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A brightly coloured room, a microphone and a revolving door of artists. This is COLORS. An online creative platform for musical discovery and showcase for talent without distractions. Based out of Berlin, the COLORS crew upload regular performances of those they think the public should know about. If you’ve never tuned in…boy have we got a fantastic introduction.

Enter Tierra Whack. Donned in a futuristic neon orange kit, against their signature monochromatic backdrop, the Philadelphia native spits verses that have to be seen to be believed. Performing her 2019 hit ‘Unemployed’, it’s as though Whack is on autopilot, her mouth and mind working in hyperactive harmony. Not only is she lightning quick, the songwriting’s intelligent – as she comments on sex crime, obesity and drug addiction.

“You sippin’ on a drink that’s spiked, enough for you to say goodnight, for the rest of your life”/ “The wait is over, I’m takin’ over, you’re overweight, you ate a soda, I’m super sober, you doin’ coke…Coca-Cola”.

What’s more, it’s clear Tierra’s having a ball. Relishing in her gift, she wears a wry smile the entire performance. You can tell she’s making every effort, to remember this moment in time.

If this session piques your interest, take a peek at Whack World – her unique 15-minute album with a wildly imaginative video accompaniment. Directed by Thibaut Duverneix and Mathieu Léger, the film sees Tierra plonked in 15 odd scenarios. These include trimming a taxidermied dog, eating pearls off a dude in a caravan and working out at a gym where grapes are allowed. Alongside these immersive environments, she explores a range of genres in a limited time. Whack jumps joyfully from R&B slow jams to fierce trap and even country synth-pop, as she jokes about her “deadbeat dad”. Although each world is vastly different from its predecessor, they somehow flow like a river.

Tierra Whack’s on our radar and she ought to be on yours too.


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