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This is a first for us. An artist grabbing their second feature on our Phinds list. To be frank, as soon as we heard this one, it was hard to ignore.

“Notice Me” by SZA lies buried in the middle of her stunning and lengthy 2022 album, SOS – a whopping 23 tracks deep. Since its release on the 9th of December last year, the LP has been on an absolute streaming tear. There’s not a track on there that has less than 45 million plays… think about that for a second.

Founded on a friendly trap beat and watery synth notes, SZA sings purely about the struggles with remaining part of her ex’s life after things have folded. “I don’t wanna be your girlfriend, I’m just tryna be your person…Already tried to be your girl.”

Seemingly, “Notice Me” is all about how hard it is to totally let go of a relationship. SZA is contradicted, in her head she knows it’s over but her heart still yearns for that special someone.

The line “try to wife you, but you rather be a hoe” is a nod to her feelings of resentment and anger as things completely slip out of her control. It’s super frustrating when you don’t get back, what you put in – something I think we can all relate to.

Another take on the track is that maybe SZA is cool with just being a best friend, confidant or fuck buddy – without all the weight of those much-talked-about boyfriend/girlfriend labels.

Take what you will from “Notice Me”, if anything, just revel in arguably the best voice in the music industry right now.


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