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Are you looking for a new series to dive into? Look no further than Apple Original’s, Constellation.

The show follows Jo Ericcson (played by Noomi Rapace) a stoic Swedish astronaut working on the International Space Station (ISS). Jo and her crack team are up amongst the stars researching the long-term effects on human beings in space accompanied by a strange and mysterious cylindrical device owned by NASA.

What’s brilliant about the opening episode is how quickly we get into the thick of things. Within minutes, while on a video call to her daughter back on Earth, Jo’s colleague (Paul Lancaster) turns the weird object on and immediately everything goes pear-shaped. A tremendous impact rocks the station and all those in it and it becomes Jo’s responsibility to head out into the darkness of space and investigate what hit them. From here, things start to get stranger and the stakes climb ever higher.

I’ll halt on the explanations, so as not to spoil too much but it’s worth mentioning the incredible attention to detail those behind Constellation have paid to the universe far above us. The execution of zero gravity and the awe-inspiring environment outside the portholes truly shine while the innards of the ISS leave no stone unturned. Alike other sci-fi series brought to our screens by Apple (Silo, Severance and For All Mankind) the sets are just gorgeous.

Only three episodes in and Constellation is brimming with psychological horror, a series that makes you question what’s real and what’s not. Having just finished the fourth season of True Detective (Night Country), I’m glad to have found this similarly eerie body of work that draws you into a whirlpool of intrigue and supernatural occurrences.

Stream the official trailer beneath.


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