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In the interest of spreading soul-warming discoveries, Frank Harris (USA) and Maria Marquez (Venezuela) are the divine fusing for that very purpose. The combination of Harris’ lush synthesised atmospherics, sparse percussion and Marquez’s celestial vocals creates a vehemently mind-melting number that entangles Rock, early ’80s electronics and heavenly pop into a 4-minute escape. It’s simple; ‘Loveroom’ just makes you feel nice.

Interestingly, Frank’s soundscapes are heavily influenced by his time spent as a sound engineer at the IBM computer company. Leaning into these digitised tones, he soon became hooked on midi electronic instruments. First released on the groups 1987 In A Minor Mode EP, the little known recordings were re-packaged and re-discovered in the form of a modern LP called Echoes released in 2019 by Strangelove Music. Acting as a time capsule into generally forgotten eras and sub-genres, re-press explorations of this kind are certainly a growing trend and a welcomed one at that. They provide a refreshing second wind for timeless records that may have been lost in the wash, whilst inviting new generations of curious crate diggers to go back in time.

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