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“Without the boat, we would sink” writes a passionate Youtube user.

Which boat…? That’d be Lil Boat AKA Lil Yachty. Since arriving on the scene in 2017, this gregarious rapper from Mableton Georgia USA has been doing as he musically pleases.

And 2024 begins no different, with Yachty’s audiovisual expression of his first solo release of the year, “A Cold Sunday”. Dressed stylishly in a patterned blue bandana, long-sleeve white tee and furry boots the artist flows lyrically on situation-ships with women, stupid financial decisions and the pitfalls of getting famous far too young. The clip is crisp, clean and super simple. A white room and a stool are all that’s required.

Throughout the piece (directed by AMD Visuals), Yachty delivers bars into five different cameras all pointed at him at various angles. It’s clear he is totally at ease with life right now and this oozes out of each of the five frames.

“I treat my bitch just like Diana/Pretty Princess, hold the Fanta.”

Following his brave concept album Let’s Start Here, where he plunged into the world of psych-rock, “A Cold Sunday” is a refreshing pivot into the world of gorgeously sampled neo-soul production: a little Tyler, the Creator-esque Flower Boy moment.

Stream below.


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