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BADBADNOTGOOD, J Dilla, Kamaal Williams and Yussef Dayes tickle your fancy? If so, it’s about time you heard DOMi & JD BECK.

It was Bradley Zero’s comments on his recent NTS Radio Show that first piqued my interest.


“These kids oof, they’re onto something. I don’t know if any of you have heard that album…silly.”

The story goes that French keyboardist Domitille Degalle (DOMi) met Dallas drummer JD BECK at a music trade show in Anaheim California circa 2018. Not that they knew at the time but one child prodigy had just met another. DOMi had spent her formative years studying at the Conservatoire De Paris and Berklee College of Music Boston. While JD had been under the wing of American percussive stars Robert ‘Sput’ Searight and Mike Mitchell from a very young age.

Upon jamming, the two realised (like Bradley mentioned) that they were onto something pretty special. None other than Anderson .Paak and Thundercat soon recognised this too.  The duo’s debut album NoT TiGHT (released via Paak’s APESHIT imprint) has undeniably boss features.  Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes and Herbie Hancock to name a few. Heck, these two are practically still teenagers.

Amongst the brilliant assortment of jazz/funk records on the LP, it’s the tune ‘TWO SHRiMPS’ that hits the sweetest. To be fair though, we could’ve chosen any of the 15 tracks that make up the album.

Consisting of delectable drum strokes, agitated bass notes and strident piano, ‘TWO SHRiMPS’ straight coasts. All the while Mac Demarco, yes Mac, sings merrily about cowboys parading around in heartwarming locations and the inevitable realisation of getting old. There’s a contagious urgency to DOMi & JD BECK’s instrumentation. You can’t escape it. It sucks you into a musical centrifuge, a place that’s free of fear and full of love.

Upon listening, I’m reminded of a U.S. road trip I took in 2016. One characterised by endless plains and skies I felt like I could reach out and touch.

This is a call to you all. Stream these two young maestros’ debut album wall to wall. ‘TwO SHRiMPS’ is where you jump off.



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