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It’s a rare move to release a track with clear instructions on its intended purpose. A closing tune no doubt, yet this one would play just as well at a sunny poolside party, or a bleary after hours. Maybe a cheeky comment on the role of the DJ in curating a vibe, and maybe a playful thought provoker by this ego-free artist.

Not a whole lot is known about this producer whose bio reads “DJ & Artist from London”. This isn’t an issue, as ELLES lets the music do the talking, and it speaks gorgeously. Released by the all-inclusive Naive imprint out of Lisbon, this record is sure to make you beam!

The “end of the nite” glides into luscious piano-house with heavy reverb. Like a fuzzy memory of an old Chicago track, drowned in wistful nostalgia. With an unapologetically positive, yet firmly underground atmosphere established, the track winds into a long and pretty breakdown with fun use of staccato. Barely intelligible vocal licks remind you that this prettiness is not to be taken seriously.

Then in a way that is both unexpected and welcome, the track instantly transforms into an acid-infused dancefloor belter. A blissfully lethal weapon for DJs who know how to deploy it.


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