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Taking a step back from their usual meditative fusion of international subgenres, it doesn’t take a muso to appreciate the disco-like soundscapes that make up Khruangbin’s ‘Time (You & I)’.

For a Texan trio named after the Thai word for aeroplane, this tune does anything but fly under the radar. Incorporating Thai, Mexican and West African influence of each musicians’ background, Khruangbin flirt with whimsical synchronisation of vocals, reminiscent of noughties dinner party audio. Arriving as track two off their sophomore LP Mordechai, (named after a beautiful stranger that irrevocably changed vocalist/bassist Laura Lee’s life for the better) there’s something super precious about this record.

“That’s life / If we had more time / We could live forever / Just you and I / We could be together” is the repetitious lyric that comments less on the musicians’ vocal talent than it does on the message itself. And by golly it’s catchy!

During a time where togetherness feels like something of the distant past,  the lyrics offer solace to listeners seeking a little lovin’. Intertwining different languages nods to the ubiquitous detachment we’ve all felt at one point over this bizarre and solitary time. If we can’t unite in the club, bumping bodies and kissing cheeks, let’s unite on the common ground that this year’s been well out of whack.

So, crank the volume and let the funky frequencies of Khruangbin’s ‘Time (You & I)’ soothe your soul. For we are not alone, this is simply just life.


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