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It’s okay to cry. Shedding tears is the body’s natural catharsis and I shouldn’t still be surprised when tears well in my eyes listening to electronic music.

‘W/O You’ comes from the heart. Rino Darusman’s (Rino) heart, that is. At the time of writing, it had been well over a year since the Naarm (Melbourne) producer had seen his family in Indonesia. “In the last 2 years, so many people had to experience life without their loved ones. So I wrote the track with that in mind.”

Made up of gorgeous wind chimes, saintly vocal harmonies and fluttering synth lines, Rino perfectly bottles that feeling of longing, that yearning to be with the ones that matter most. I feel like I’m gazing into a crystal ball on ‘W/O You’, the soundscape unearthing a ream of memories–some glorious, some harrowing.

Not much is known about the neophyte music maker but it’s clear he’s a stellar talent. The record is svelte and meticulously considered. For example, the gorgeous bridge at 3:50. Dulcet piano and looped angel cries are all you can hear. Listen in. I reckon you wouldn’t mind if this section played at your own funeral.

“At the time, I was listening to a lot of modern classical and ambient music–the likes of Bing & Ruth, Brian Eno, Òlafur Arnalds, Jon Hopkins–and getting super inspired by it all. This was also around the time I started getting into mindfulness and meditation.”

Leaning into the mellow approach of his idols, Rino’s crafted a track drenched in peace and tranquillity yet simultaneously club-ready. Be vulnerable. Let your head and your heart take you where they need to.

Hit play below.


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