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Perched on the edge of an old school bus, serenading through the woods of Hawkes Nest, New York State, Michael Gordon (Mk.Gee) graciously treats us with a live rendition of his latest solo release, “Are You Looking Up”.

The single emerges from his inaugural full-length album, Two Star and the Dream Police – a fusion of Alternative R&B, folk, and playful pop ballads. Following a journey of touring and collaborative ventures with close friend Dijon on the 2021 hit project Absolutely, “Are You Looking Up” seamlessly extends upon the essence of this creative endeavour, relishing in the raw and unfiltered.

Mike thrusts imperfections and background noises into the spotlight during the recording process, utilising omnidirectional microphones that capture the sounds and textures of an environment in its entirety. This at times busy ear space gives a nostalgic ambience to the track, like discovering a song in the bustling warmth of a café or crowded bar for the first time.

As a New Jersey native living in LA, heading East for the shoot feels deliberate. The soulful twang of Mike’s guitar and unguarded gravelly voice find harmony in the woods, as if the spirit of the untamed landscape has taken up residence in his sound.


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