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Loose Joints on FBi Radio. Praise be.

A few Sundays ago, as my girlfriend and I drove home from a few lengths at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool, the atmosphere in the car suddenly changed. Radio host Jai Chouhan (filling in for Tyson Koh) queued a record that had us lit.

Careening out of Rebles 1986 Caribbean interpretation of Sade’s ‘Sweetest Taboo’ came a bongo lead-in that could only mean one thing–a Genius Of Time record had arrived.

Tackling First Choice’s 1979 smash ‘Love Thang’, the Swedish duo of Alexander Berg and Nils Krogh hit a remix home run. In true Genius Of Time style, the flip consists of considered sections that collectively slap. We’re talking crispy percussion, cowbells, steel drums, squelchy KORG and a hefty house kick. Oh…and that iconic vocal sample “This ain’t no game, yeah…it’s a Love Thang.”

At 2:43 things really kick up a gear. Chords that somehow sound like they’re moving backwards and forwards simultaneously take centre stage. A distorted rubbing if you will. From here, the Nordic lads bring in a whirlpooling siren and it’s bedlam of the best kind. To be honest, I had trouble concentrating on the road ahead.

We have Gothenburg’s Aniara Recordings to thank for this one, originally featured on the vinyl-only series of edits, ‘Verktyg’. Visit their SoundCloud,where you’ll find a wealth of fine dance.

Bathe in the brilliant re-imagining beneath and find time for FBi 94.5 from 3 til 4:30 pm on a Sunday afternoon.


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