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If you know TV, you’re more than likely across EUPHORIA. If not, the show follows the lives of American high schoolers navigating the twists and turns of adolescence.

There’s never a dull moment in this Southern California neighbourhood where kids deal with a nasty blend of drug addictions, identity crises, love triangles and more. The series is brilliant. It’s dark and gritty, shot uniquely, and realistically written.

Above all is the series’ musical supervision. Each and every tune fits its scene to a tee.

‘Right Down The Line’ by Gerry Rafferty hits our ears during a tense drug deal on the most recent episode of Season 2 (WATCH IT HERE). The characters are aggressively ordered to strip naked and prove they aren’t wearing a wire. It’s gnarly.

Released way back in 1978, this vulnerable and longing record is an ode to the songwriter’s one true love. Made up of soothing organ and click-clack percussion, Gerry lets the world know that in his darkest hours, there was only one he could really ‘lean on’.

Battling alcoholism for much of his life, it seems without this unnamed angel Gerry would have left the earth earlier than he did. As he sings, “cause you believed in me through my darkest night. Put somethin’ better inside of me”. Eerily, the track skips along merrily, even though its message is drenched in pain.

If you haven’t yet streamed EUPHORIA, do so. If anything, your music library will thank you as it accumulates dusty diddy’s like this one.


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