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The instant I saw Squidgenini’s latest track “All The Way” premiered via Mixmag, a wry smile spread across my face. Since 2016, the Meeanjin/Brisbane native has been flying under the radar, producing luscious electronic audio. I’m talking about music with real feeling…and it’s about time she got her flowers.

“All The Way” is a beautiful acidic wormhole–a record that showcases Squidgenini’s unique production and vocal capabilities. Singing confidently over squelchy chords and exotic bird calls, the songstress encourages listeners to branch out, be independent and blaze their own trail.

Lines like “I don’t want to be here all of my life” and “Living my life, doing what I say,” are empowering and resonate universally. There’s a Nai Palm-esque (Hiatus Kaiyote) flavour to Squidgenini’s vocal tone–each note dripping in soul and indefinable magic.

Lend your ears to theses special sonics below. A full EP with remixes from David Versace, Charlie Hill and the Squid herself is on the way thanks to Beats Of No Nation.


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