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Do you ever see or hear things that remind you of spectacular dreams?

The first time I saw Burberry’s Open Spaces film, it was almost like Creative Directors, Megaforce and Riccardo Tisci had been rolling around inside my head.

Last year, I remember waking up from a vivid dream where I’d flown to my old high school with three of my best friends. We were floating on thermals, hooting and hollering–flabbergasted that suddenly we had the gift of flight. Surprisingly, I recall the overriding feeling was one of convenience–not wonder. Instead of having to make the slow and noisy crawl to work on public transport, we took to the skies.

For their latest Fall/Winter campaign Burberry have crafted an advertisement you won’t forget.

What starts as a stroll through the English countryside, soon transforms into something otherworldly. After donning outerwear from the luxury fashion house, four friends are swept up by a magical breeze that carries them across golden fields and lofty woodlands, destined for the coast. The quartet relishes the opportunity, performing an aerial ballet that only adds to the already stunning visuals.

Inspired by a quote from founder Thomas Burberry’s book Open Spaces – ‘Inherent in every Burberry garment is freedom’, the group thrive in previously unexplored spaces, free of boundaries and expectations.

As breathtaking as the moving pictures are, it’s the accompanying piece of music that brings a feeling of euphoria seldom found in advertising. American composer Ryan Lott plays expeditious violin off resounding piano notes masterfully. The score is frantically energising, full of light and love. A perfect sonic embodiment of the spirit of exploration and breaking new ground.

Amongst the mountain of ill-advised ads out there, Burberry’s latest cuts through the clutter.

View the stellar production below.


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