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During a drowsy lockdown, one record keeps anxiety at bay and hope strong–Andy Golledge’s Namoi.

‘1170’ feels like coming home to find your faults, but accepting them and feeling warm anyway. Making a country bumpkin like me want to take a cruise down a winding road with warm wind against my face, a best mate in the driver’s seat, and a cold beer waiting at my destination.

“My mind is heavy from the weight of this sin

Still I’m trying to get back

My heart’s a lover but my soul is on fire

And my mind just attacks”

Nostalgic swings made by Golledge’s vocal range are unmatched. He owns the kind of voice that convinces you yours is just as soulful when singing along. His music is wholesome yet heartbreaking, bittersweet, and beautifully human. A sentiment perhaps none better captured than by his mum’s photograph gracing the EP’s cover.

On stage, Caitlin Harnett’s banjo playing prowess and melody give the iconic Gillian Welch a run for her money. Each member has a magnetic presence, but Golledge takes the cake with his captivating energy and enviable facial hair, often shaved into a signature, voluptuous handlebar moustache. The band finds their way to your heart–hitting you where you’re hurtin’.

You can bet my first live gig out of this chaos will be orchestrated by the Inner West’s king of country himself, Andy Golledge. I’ll see you there.


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