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Short and sweet, it’s an age-old saying.

25-year-old London local Duskus has channelled this very proverb on his recent single ‘Let Go’.

At just 2:06, the record is a speedy affair, as Duskus leans into rave audio of years gone by. All that’s required is a crisp kick, bent synths and keystrokes that sound like they’re coming at you through the vastness of space. There’s an appeal to its minimalism, travelling from point-to-point with conviction. The message is one of motivation and optimism–a call to shed the nasties that hold us back.

Interestingly, ‘Let Go’ was born bootleg–coming to life while Duskus was on the road touring.

“I didn’t have access to any of my equipment, so I wanted to see if I could make something on my laptop like the old days – this is the result of me messing around.”

The record marks a switch-up in the artist’s sonic direction. Harnessing influences from nights out he thrived at as a whippersnapper, Duskus has now coined a genre of his own–‘romantic rave’. Enchanted by the way Overmono, DJ Seinfeld and Fred Again play in this space, the young lad is putting his own spin on things.

A mere week ago, Duskus had to pinch himself as he mixed under the sun on the revered Do LaB stage at Coachella. In his own words: “Fucking massive. I love you lot from the bottom of my heart!” Safe to say, things went well. Duskus is in a purple patch. Come join him.

Expect more loved-up dance with the arrival of the ‘Healers Vol.1’ EP, out this month.


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