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It’s important to remember how great it is to be here. Canadian composer CFCF (Michael Silver) thinks so too. ‘Life Is Perfecto’ off his 2021 album memoryland is a coat of many colours, tinged with ambient, trance and indie rock. Embodying the genre diverse nature of the album, the single twist and turns. Cyber melodies lock arms with slack rock riffs as the track navigates dissimilar sonic spaces, spending just enough time in each destination. Glitchy effects and snatches of conversation create their own urban network; uploading images of busy trains, digital billboards and peak hour rush.

Inspired by Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s 2001 film Millennium Mambo, ‘Life Is Perfecto’ launches you through flashing tunnels, eases you down coastal highways, bringing you safely back to the city fringe. If you’re up for a spacey reimagining, delve into Taipei artist Point Hsu’s wistful flip, who in fact collaborated with Lim Giong on the movie score.

With album releases spanning back to 2009, Silver’s most recent effort bottles the formative years that shaped his career, containing elements of trance, garage, house, post-grunge and more. CFCF calls it an ode to the sounds of the late ’90s. Memoryland is bold and full of surprises. People say they don’t love them but they do.


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