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To be honest, when I first heard this gorgeous record, I had no idea an Australian had created it. I thought it was courtesy of a seasoned R&B artist from America. How wrong I was.

‘Presence’ by Anieszka stops you in your tracks. Through a combination of unparalleled vocal range and heartfelt lyricism, the half Mauritian songstress wraps you in a sonic bear hug. The production oozes, peaking and troughing at exactly the right times, massaging the inner workings of your ear.

The message Anieszka preaches is sublime. She implores us to celebrate the gift of life, to live in the here and now, to cherish ourselves and those around us. The artist encourages listeners to clutch onto moments of inner peace and tranquillity, reminding us of how wonderful they can be.

I think “Aspire to inspire” is my favourite lyric of 2021. It’s uplifting. It’s motivating. It’s beautiful. If you’re in a rut, weave this into your daily mantra. With just a handful of singles to her name, the prospect of a full length from Anieszka has me feeling like a kid at Christmas. I’m already comparing her to queens like SZA and Kehlani. It’s scary.

Get lifted!


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