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Music is released at a rate of knots. It’s impossible to keep up with it all. For my mind, the tracks that stick, are those that tap into our emotions. Records that cast your mind back in time, that bring forth vivid memories, both fond and painful, or those that propel us forwards into unchartered feeling. UK fellow Fred Gibson AKA Fred again… is an electronic artist who has the ability to do just that. Somehow, this Englishman walks a delicate tightrope between euphoria and melancholy, where we don’t quite know whether to beam or burst into tears.

Through an explorative approach to production, Fred sifts through discourse with a fine-tooth comb, capturing fleeting anecdotes that speak to the heart. Appropriately titled, Fred coins this stage of discovery ‘Actual Life’. From a moving phrase, he might’ve overheard on social media to some honest thoughts from a friend over the phone, Fred weaves speech into his music gorgeously.

Just days ago, I came across the video for ‘Julia (Deep Diving)’ off his latest album ‘Actual Life April 14th – December 17th 2020’. Using a heartfelt Instagram post from one Julia Michaels (who he didn’t know at all before making the track), Fred again… goes on to create something special. In just an eight second video recording, Julia bears all, telling the world how she feels about her lover.

“I’m deep diving into your emotions and sometimes I think I might be broke…but you’re bringing back all my feelings…and I fucking love it…and I just want to be with you”. 

Captured touchingly, the video clip tells the story of how the track came to fruition. Basked in sunshine at a train station, armed only with a laptop and headphones, Fred blends snatches of Julia’s spoken word with swelling piano chords and club-like percussion. As he travels across London – from restaurants to park benches and all the way back to the comfort of his kitchen – the young producer tinkers with the project, revelling in the joy of making music. The process is pure and beautiful to watch.

I’d recommend tapping in and allowing yourself to be transported by this whole album. Because listening to Fred again… is deep-rooted in what it means to be human. Our thoughts and feelings live within his music…you can’t get much closer to our existence than that.


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