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One of the most beautiful things about music is memory recall.

That magical ability songs have to transport you to a particular time and place, a moment. Regardless of whether the memory is happy or sad, it’s an extraordinary phenomenon.

Sydney/Eora producer Willo has celebrated this idea on the title track from her new EP “watching a memory” – a track we’re honoured to feature on the platform.

Beginning with what sounds like a glorious entry to heaven, “watching a memory” builds in deliberate stages. First, a blend of echoed bleeps and squelchy drums set the scene soon greeted by chugging bass and emphatic chords. There is a lovely duality here, moving and introspective yet at the same time positively charged. Willo says this is one of her favourite tracks she’s ever written, one she returns to all the time.

What’s more, the song is riddled with tension as a ream of unorthodox sounds come together to create a palpable atmosphere. Listen closely and you’ll hear field recordings from the beach, the lapping of water and the crunch of sand.

Fittingly,  “watching a memory” is the final piece on the new EP, Willo’s first since 2022.

Good things take time and one thing’s for sure, this tune is a beauty. Here’s hoping it takes you someplace special.

Stream it below.


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