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Into The Depths | ‘Think Dolphins’ | Veptune | Recent Release


Into The Depths | ‘Think Dolphins’ | Veptune | Recent Release

Words by Reilly O’Byrne-Inglis
Music & Anecdotes by Veptune
Photography by Chris Grundy

Music | electronic | ocean | producer | Sydney
Published | 19.04.2022

If like me, you love to lather yourself in textural sound design ala Baths and Gold Panda, then Veptune’s (Samuel Muir) new track ‘Think Dolphins’ might tickle your fancy the way it’s tickled mine.

This most recent offering from the Sydney producer makes you want to light up a little something and Lilo away from all your problems across the ocean, or as Veptune puts it–”disappear into a calming, serene, electronic paradise”. Veptune’s first release since his 2021 album, ‘Decorate The Metronome’, sees the producer lean into his immersive, textural side.

With a slow build combining a pumping kick and chords from a synth that says ‘its calm time now’, the track erects an underwater scene submerging us just under the surface for its swift 3:45 running time. As the record progresses, affected scales that recall dolphin chatter or whale song are introduced making sure the record really lives up to its title. The scene continues to build with twinkling synths and a myriad of underlying textural samples including the creaking of a ship, which really hammers home the oceanic vibe. These elements all gently pulse toward a short section of tuned vocals before the song recedes gently into the depths.

In all honesty, all I wanted was for the track to be longer. It’s the sort of progressive, blended sound design which could easily be extended into a ten-minute trip. However, its length and absence of a ‘drop’ suggest ‘Think Dolphins’ is intended as a little teaser, a taste of what’s to come. Or perhaps Veptune is reacting to Pop music’s current obsession with the ‘drop’ and pushing us to ask for more from our music, to live in the moment instead of forever waiting for the drop to arrive and satisfy minds used to instant gratification. Either way, Veptune–I’m loving what I’m hearing.


Reilly O’Byrne-Inglis

Loves Nailed It!, Confusing Experimental Theatre, Dave Bayley’s Falsetto, Botanical Drawing, and a mean Smoked Gouda.

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