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Busy Bee | Elijah Something | Conspiracy | Phelt Pheatures


Busy Bee | Elijah Something | Conspiracy | Phelt Pheatures

Words by Will Bentley-Hawkins
Music & Anecdotes by Elijah Something
Photography courtesy of Elijah Something, Lost Sundays & Ripples

Music | Dance | electronic | producer | Sydney
Published | 27.04.2022

“I was looking for a name that was along the lines of Elijah…something. The first time I said it, the light bulb above my head went off and it stuck.”

Last week Elijah Something (Elijah Scadden AKA Eli) worked full time at a clothing company. Today, he pursues music production, DJing, record label ownership, event management and CBD oils. Ditching the shackles of his 9-5, the Bronte native is front flipping into a life of projects that bring him the most joy.

Eli’s path into this entrepreneurial multiverse began with a passion for music, in particular, the club kind. What started with absorbing family records and sacrificing overseas travel to purchase his first set of decks, soon became a fully-fledged love of dance.

“I love both the simplicity and the complexity of it. The way it can make an entire crowd of people forget about all their worries and just lose themselves. It’s quite primitive when you think about it. I think it’s such a powerful medium.”

Eli first planned to go his own way in 2020 but was thwarted by you know what.

“The pandemic threw a huge spanner in the works and I just had to do what I could to survive. I lost all my gigs, and events while my salary dropped by 50%.”

A woeful time for the live music industry, plenty of people were selling hardware to make ends meet. “Hunting for cheap gear became a new hobby of mine which has now resulted in a pretty epic bedroom studio.”

Persistence is key and it’s in that very studio where Eli recently wrote two thumping house tracks for the Fifth Addition EP. Courtesy of Eora-based label Addiction by Subtraction, the vinyl-only release pairs Eli with Frenchman System V for an energetic trip, to say the least.

Eli’s contributions ‘Cop This Sally’ and ‘Chase The Dragon’ are sprightly weapons, littered with odes to rave culture from the ’90s and early ’00s. “For me, this was the golden age of dance music. Making this stuff means I’m not just playing the same tunes as everyone else.”

On ‘Cop This Sally’ (cheekily named after his landlord) Eli tells me he referenced an old trance favourite from 1995 which served as the record’s launchpad–while the story of ‘Chase The Dragon’ is straight up and down. “This one just felt like a bit of a wild ride, the high, the lows and journeys in between.”

Can concur.

In the making of both tracks, Eli envisioned tunes that’d really hit the spot on big dancefloors. “I was after music that would work in my sets, in particular at Lost Sundays”.

Lost Sundays is yet another pie Eli has his fingers in–a mammoth weekly party that takes over Sydney’s The Ivy. For the event’s creators, Lost Sundays is all about “the movement”. And of late, they’ve hosted some of the best overseas chargers in the business including Job Jobse, Jayda G, DJ Seinfeld plus home soil heroes such as Willo, Luen, Wax’O Paradiso, Moktar and Elijah Something himself.

I honestly have no idea where Eli gets the time but wait…there’s more. The eastern suburbs spinner is also one of the head honchos at events company/imprint Conspiracy.

“it simply started as a group of mates frustrated by the lack of parties in the scene at that moment. What started as small doofs and warehouse parties has now transformed into a crew that now builds stages at some of the best festivals in Australia and internationally”.

What sets Conspiracy apart is its focus on experiential events. Instead of spending scrillions on big-name headliners, they push expenditure on stage design and decor. Word is their 5th Birthday ‘Time Warp’ at Sydney’s Manning Bar will be quite the rinse (DETAILS & TICKETS HERE).

Soon enough, it was time to dip their toes in the label pond.  “Myself and Nate (co-owner) were over sending our tracks to other labels and not being met with a high level of service.” From here on, they understood the only way forward was to take full creative control and write their own narrative. Thus, Conspiracy’s label arm was born.

Eli is hyped to share what’s in the release pipeline. “Up next, we have a 4 track VA with some rad up and coming international artists. Then an EP from Tim Etzel that’s sounding really nice, followed by my debut EP on the label, which is a big milestone for me.”

On the topic of pipelines, I press Eli for what else is on the horizon…In June, a maiden voyage to Europe awaits–a chance to cast his club wand over a global audience, which he’s obviously beyond psyched for.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do my whole life and financially I was just never able to achieve it. I’m really excited and it’ll be a great holiday and a chance to meet the right people.”

Fear not, until then Eli has a chockablock local gig calendar. Go catch this busy bee.


Will Bentley-Hawkins

Loves Dance, Film Photography, Ocean Pools, The NY Knicks & Campari Sodas.

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